The International Ivory Society


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3/11/2014 - Ivory ban crushes small businesses

3/7/2014 - A​ntique dealers and museum curators have attacked a proposed US ban

3/6/2014 - NRA Campaigns against the plan to save the world's elephants

3/5/2014 - Advisory Council on Wildlife Trafficking; Meeting

2/28/2014 - Questions and Answers about Director’s Order No. 210 
Administrative Actions to Strengthen U.S. Trade Controls for 
Elephant Ivory, Rhinoceros Horn, and Parts and Products of other ESA-listed Species

2/27/2014 - Obama & Department of Interior Ban Ivory Handle Knives & Guns by Executive Fiat

2/26/2014 - Banning ivory: A nuanced approach needed

2/25/2014 - Important Notice Regarding the Sale of Ivory, Rhino Horn and other Products from Endangered Species

2/22/2014 - Peter Driscoll's Letter to Obama

2/21/2014 - Fox & Hound Oppose War on antique collectors