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WINTER - Saturday - May 31, 2014 Washington DC

Spring- Saturday - TBA

SUMMER -Saturday - TBA

​FALL - Saturday - TBA

10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
This will be an All Day, Hands-On Workshop featuring an extensive slide program and each student will be provided with an illustrated workbook to follow along and take notes.  You will learn the key identifying characteristics of the following ivories and ivory look-alikes and how to identify them through non-destructive testing techniques. Natural Ivories: Elephant, Mammoth, Walrus, Hippo, Whale, Narwhal, Warthog, Boar, Seal and Elk. You will also see rare examples of Babirusa and Dugong. Natural Ivory Substitutes: Bone, Antler, Vegetable Ivory, Hornbill Ivory, as well as other not as convincing examples of Shell, Coral, Meerschaum, Ivoryite, Chalcedony and Amber. Manufactured Ivory Substitutes: Celluloid and  Polymer/Plastics.

There will be a Black Light Demonstration (LWUV Long Wave Ultraviolet) so each student can see the different reaction each material has to the light source. The following may be helpful to bring but not necessary: 3X loupe or hand-held magnifier, 10X loupe and an optivisor.

Participants are encouraged to bring Show & Tell and unknowns from their collections.  These will be discussed during the lunch break.  Please, bring your own lunch, there is a refrigerator in the room.

Class Location will be provide after registration


Contact: Bobby Mann for registration or more
information  (301) 894-2016(301) 894-2016 


William R. (Bobby) Mann, GG (GIA), PG, is co-founder of the International Ivory Society (1996) and a collector of unusual ivories, tusks, teeth, skulls as well as natural and manufactured look-alikes. He has the largest collection of natural ivories, natural and manufactured look-alikes available for hands-on teaching. Since 1996 he has been teaching ivory identification through his talks, seminars and hands-on workshops. Bobby is also the manufacturer of Ivory I.D. comparison kits. Bobby is a Graduate Gemologist (GIA) (1982), a (PG) Professional Gemologist Columbia School of Gemology (1983) and ivory identification specialist. Formally retired as Captain of the Washington DC Fire Department after 28 years of service, he is also past president of the National Capital Area Chapter of the International Society of Appraisers and president of the Washington, DC Chapter of the Gemological Institute of America Alumni.

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