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Ivory Identification Guide: The Ivories
This is a USFWS web version of the Identification Guide for Ivory and Ivory
Substitutes by Edgard O. Espinoza and Mary-Jacque Mann, published
in cooperation with the CITES Secretariat, and was developed to give
information about a nondestructive and visual means of tentatively
distinguishing clearly legal ivory from suspected illegal ivory at ports of


Ivory Identification by Bob Weisblut: 

This is a supplemental guide to the USFWS Identification Guide for Ivory and
Ivory Substitutes by Edgard O. Espinoza and Mary-Jacque Mann above. 


Ivory Identification "A Photographic Reference Guide" 
by William (Bobby) Mann & Charles M Marts
This is a supplemental photo guide  to the USFWS Ivory Guide for sale.



Central Michigan University's College of Science and Technology Ivory Identification

Estimating the Age of Whale Teeth from Natural Dry-Out Cracks

How to Discern Authentic Whale Tooth Scrimshaw from Resin "Fakeshaw"

Discerning Authentic Scrimshawed Whale Teeth From Re-Shaped Bone & Hippo Teeth

Distinguishing Authentic Antique Scrimshaw from Fraudulent Ivory


Mammoths, Narwhal, Walrus, Hippopotamus, Warthog and Whale teeth are forms of Ivory often mistaken for Elephant tusk. The International Ivory Society's Ivory ID Workshop provides hands on training to spot and identify various forms of Ivory and Ivory substitutes such as bone, resins, composits, and plastics.


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Helmeted Hornbill       Rare endangered species

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